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External media coverage

2018 June 1

Medical Design Briefs

E-beam Sterilization: The Impact of Skin-Contact Adhesives for Medical Applications

The performance of adhesives used for wearable medical device applications is critical to the efficacy of the final product, as an improperly affixed device is unlikely to achieve the desired result when applied to the patient. Aside from medical device applications, accurately predicting how an adhesive will be impacted by the sterilization process in order to make informed choices is also important for advanced wound care and consumer wellness applications such as first aid.


2018 May 1

Adhesives & Sealants Industry

Selecting the Optimal Adhesive for Wearable Medical Devices

The wearable adhesives market is being propelled by healthcare advancements and increasing demand for personalized care options. Wearable adhesives are used to attach medical devices to the body for continuous and long-term durations. While the skin-interfacing adhesive is only a small component of a wearable device, its ability to properly adhere to the skin is a key factor for an effectively functioning device.


2018 March 15

Medical Product Outsourcing

Positive Identification: An Examination of Converting, Labeling, and Printing

A product’s label might be an afterthought, but challenges can stall a new product launch. Medical device manufacturers are partnering with contract partners with unique in-house capabilities for turn-key solutions. These solutions include integrated and customized conversion, state-of-the-art printing, and finished packaging solutions.


2018 March 15

Medical Product Outsourcing

Practical Matters: A Look at Medical Device Materials

Changing healthcare regulations and hospitals’ war on germs are driving innovation in medical device materials. The rise of medical wearables is spurring material innovation in adhesive fabrics and antimicrobial substances. Scapa Healthcare, for instance, debuted a proprietary adhesive earlier this year that features re-positional properties for sensitive skin applications.


2018 March 5

Cleanroom Technology

Scapa Healthcare now operates new R&D facilities in Tennessee, New York, and Ramsbury (UK), each with a Class 7 or Class 8 cleanroom.


2018 February 28

Medical Plastics News

Outsource partner for skin-friendly, turnkey solutions, Scapa Healthcare, has unveiled three R&D Centers of Excellence to offer design and engineering expertise and manufacturing technologies to help customers bring innovative products to market rapidly.


2018 February 27

Industrial Equipment News

Scapa Healthcare Opens 3 R&D Centers – Knoxville, TN (Webtec), Orangeburg, NY (EuroMed), and Ramsbury, UK (First-Water).


2018 February 5

Today’s Wound Clinic

New hydrocolloid adhesive introduced at MD&M West 2018.


2018 Jan 31

MD+DI Supplier Stories of the Week

Scapa Healthcare has introduced Scapa Soft-Pro Low Trauma Hydrocolloid, a proprietary, gentle adhesive with repositionable properties for sensitive skin applications.


2018 Jan 30

UBM MD&M Round-up Press Release

Scapa Healthcare (booth 3291) announces Soft-Pro® Low Trauma Hydrocolloid Adhesive, a proprietary, gentle adhesive with repositionable properties for sensitive skin applications. This addition to Scapa's Soft-Pro portfolio is well-suited for medical device fixation, advanced wound care and consumer wellness applications for those with fragile skin, such as pediatric and neonatal or geriatric populations.


2018 Jan 29

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Community

Scapa Healthcare Introduces Low Trauma Hydrocolloid Adhesive for Sensitive Skin Applications