Medical Hydrogel Manufacturer in Ramsbury, UK

Scapa Healthcare's Medical Hydrogel Technology Center

In-House R&D, Design and Manufacturing of Proprietary Formulation for Advanced Wound Care, Medical Device and Consumer Wellness Applications

In 2016, Scapa Healthcare acquired First Water, a leading designer-manufacturer of advanced wound dressings and skin adhesives known for its range of proprietary solid polymer gel technologies. The facility specializes in developing and manufacturing proprietary hydrogel formulations for advanced wound care, medical devices, and consumer wellness applications.

Ramsbury’s highly qualified research and development team works with customers to develop and formulate custom hydrogel solutions for advanced wound dressings, first aid, foot care, and medical device fixation applications. The site’s core manufacturing capabilities include an ISO Class 7 clean room environment, customized hydrogel formulations for specific applications, a prototyping cell, hydrogel coating lines, bespoke mixing vessels, and advanced printing and packaging technology, all working cohesively to help our customers bring products to market faster.

Our proprietary hydrogel technology is biocompatible, translucent, adhesive, breathable, cushioning and superabsorbent. Our hydrogel formulations act as a vehicle to carry therapeutically active substances. All these features make hydrogels particularly suitable for use on high performance skin-contact devices for multiple applications.

Key Capabilities

Quality Certificates

  • FDA Registered
  • ISO 13485
  • South Korea MFDS
  • ANVISA GMP Clearance 

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