Scapa Soft-Pro® Polyurethane Gel

Scapa Healthcare offers Polyurethane Gel adhesive technology as part of the Scapa Soft-Pro® Adhesives portfolio. While each technology type serves its own purpose, Polyurethane Gel bridges the gap between Silicone Gels and Acrylics due to its adhesion level.  Featured attributes include secure fixation, high breathability, and gamma sterilisation, among others. Based on those characteristics, Polyurethane Gel is suited for a wide range of medical applications. 


Scapa Healthcare brings a level of knowledgeable experience with leading types of adhesives in addition to Polyurethane Gels. Our Scapa Soft-Pro® Adhesives portfolio also includes Silicone Gel, Hydrocolloids, Hydrogels, and Acrylics. Our team of experts can recommend the appropriate adhesive formulation that is most beneficial to our customer. For more detailed information on our Polyurethane Gel adhesive technology, contact us today.





  • Low trauma upon removal
  • Highly breathable
  • Little-to-no residue upon removal
  • Secure fixation
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Substrates Coated or Produced

  • PU foams
  • PU films with PE Carrier
  • Melt Blown PU Non-Woven
  • Hydrophillic PU Foams


  • Advanced wound care
  • First aid
  • IV fixation
  • Medical device fixation
  • Devices for sensitive skin